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Follow-up training

Prothya Biosolutions is pleased to provide healthcare professionals with up-to-date information on Prothya's plasma-derived medicinal products. That is why we regularly provide training programs.

At this moment, there are no courses. Please check back later.

International partnerships

Prothya Biosolutions supplies patients worldwide with plasma-derived medicinal products and processes blood plasma on behalf of biopharmaceutical companies.

Cofact, Albuman and Nanogam
Prothya Biosolutions is an independent marketing authorization holder in Europe for the products Cofact, Albuman and Nanogam. Outside of Europe, our partners are the marketing authorization holders.

Our plasma-derived medicines are supplied directly by us, or by our trusted partners, through a global network to healthcare organizations. Prothya has its own sales organizations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Finland (Prothya Biosolutions Oy). Furthermore, we collaborate with several international partners, as show on the left. 

Reporting side effects

If a patient is experiencing unexpected side effects from the use of any of our plasma-derived medicinal products, please report it to us. This helps us track the safety of our products with more accuracy. Download the form and send it to