Meet Peggy de Paepe, an HR coordinator at Prothya Biosolutions, who has been making a remarkable difference in the lives of others through her regular blood donations. In this interview, Peggy shares her personal journey, motivations, and encourages others to join her in this noble cause. 

 A Passion for Giving

Peggy's story of selflessness began after the birth of her daughter in 1997 when she decided to start donating blood. Since then, she has been a dedicated blood donor, contributing to the cause whenever possible. She emphasizes the importance of giving blood, an act that holds immense value in saving lives. 

 Commitment to Donating

Peggy strives to donate blood at least twice a year, though she acknowledges that there have been times when life's demands have allowed her to donate only once. Over the years, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenges, slowing down the pace of donations. However, Peggy remains optimistic that the situation will improve, allowing her to resume her regular contributions. 

 The Significance of Donation

For Peggy, donating blood is a simple yet powerful way to extend a helping hand to those in need, even without a background in the pharmaceutical field. She firmly believes that each donation has the potential to save lives through transfusions or by providing the necessary components for life-saving medications. Whether it is aiding individuals with severe anemia or those battling immune system disorders, Peggy's blood donations offer hope and relief. 

 A Call to Action

Peggy's passion for blood donation is infectious, and she has an important message for others: donating blood or plasma requires only a small portion of our time, yet its impact is immeasurable. She encourages everyone to consider the significance of their contribution and the potential lives they could touch. By donating blood, individuals can become heroes for those in desperate need of transfusions or specialized medications.