Miranda Roebert, the Director of Global Finance at Prothya, has made a significant impact on the lives of others through her consistent blood and plasma donations. With an impressive background in the international pharma industry, Miranda brings her compassion and dedication to the forefront. In this interview, she shares her personal journey, highlighting the importance of blood and plasma donation and encouraging others to join her in this life-saving endeavor. 

A Lifelong Commitment

Miranda's journey into the world of blood and plasma donation began with whole blood donations. As time went on and her veins proved to be compatible, she transitioned to plasma donations. Remarkably, Miranda has been actively donating for the past 19 years, generously contributing more than 60 plasma donations so far. Her unwavering commitment stands as a testament to her dedication and compassion. 

Consistency and Frequency

When questioned about the frequency of her donations, Miranda reveals that she currently donates plasma on average once a month. By maintaining this regular schedule, she ensures a steady supply of these crucial components that are vital for saving lives and supporting patients in need. 

The Power of Giving

For Miranda, the importance of plasma donation lies in the simplicity and effectiveness of helping others and giving back to the community. She highlights the knowledge she gained about a person battling blood cancer, which sparked her realization of the tremendous need for a large number of donors to aid patients in their fight against various medical conditions. Miranda emphasizes that regular blood checks and the body's ability to replenish its blood supply make donation a seamless process. 

A Message of Encouragement

Miranda's message to others is rooted in the belief that plasma donation is accessible and beneficial to all. She emphasizes that it is an easy and cost-free way to make a difference, not only in the lives of others but potentially in one's own life as well. Miranda actively distributes informational folders to individuals who express interest in donating, serving as a catalyst for spreading awareness and encouraging others to contribute. She also assures prospective donors that they will be treated with care and respect in the donation centers, fostering a positive and supportive environment.