In the realm of engineering, women have been breaking barriers and making significant contributions to various industries. Eline Vanderschrick, an experienced engineer at Prothya, is a shining example of a woman who has excelled in her career. With a passion for projects and a drive for success, Eline has carved a path of accomplishment in the field of engineering. She shares her experiences, achievements, and a message of encouragement for young women aspiring to pursue a career in engineering.

A Journey into Engineering 

Eline Vanderschrick embarked on her engineering journey after realizing her aptitude for science and mathematics during her school years. With a keen interest in projects and a desire to make a tangible impact, Eline chose engineering as her career path. Her studies provided a broad foundation, allowing her to explore various disciplines. After her first job, she decided to channel her skills and passion into the pharmaceutical industry, setting the stage for a career at Prothya.

Thriving as an Engineer at Prothya 

Eline about her experience working as an engineer at Prothya: “Being part of a small team has created a close-knit working environment where collaboration and camaraderie thrive.” Eline appreciates the opportunity to engage with different departments and build relationships with colleagues from various fields. Prothya has provided her ample opportunities to grow professionally, and Eline has made the most of these chances, propelling herself forward.

A Pioneering Project  

Eline's accomplishments as a woman in engineering are commendable, with one notable achievement standing out: her leadership role in a five-year program focused on a fractionation masterplan at Prothya. “Tasked with replacing a vessel on a tight deadline due to a colleague's departure, I took charge of the project. My determination and expertise were crucial in ensuring the project's successful completion.” Eline takes pride in her achievements, showcasing her ability to tackle complex engineering challenges and deliver great results.

A Message of Empowerment  

When asked about her message to young women interested in engineering, Eline had an encouraging and inspiring response. “I believe that engineering is an exciting career path, offering an abundance of opportunities in various industries. I assure young women that studying engineering opens doors to new projects and possibilities, emphasizing that gender does not hinder progress in the field.” Eline's personal experience has shown her that being a woman in engineering no longer holds any limitations, as she has received equal opportunities and recognition for her skills and contributions. As a team lead, Eline feels confident and valued, dispelling any notions of gender inequality in her professional environment.