Duco Brouwer, Vice President of Supply Chain Management at Prothya, is a passionate advocate for plasma donation. With nearly seven years of dedicated service to the company, Duco plays a pivotal role in ensuring the strategic sourcing of plasma, a vital raw material for life-saving products. In this interview, he shares his personal journey, emphasizing the importance of plasma donation and urging others to recognize the tremendous impact they can make by contributing to this noble cause. 

A Journey of Giving

Duco's decision to become a donor came shortly after joining Prothya in 2016. Starting as a blood donor, Duco soon transitioned to plasma donation. This transformative experience ignited a passion within him to contribute regularly and make a significant difference in the lives of others. 

Consistency and Frequency

When asked about the frequency of his donations, Duco explains that he donates approximately once a month, amounting to around ten donations per year. He highlights the ease of the process and notes that the body fully recovers within one to two days with proper hydration. 

The Power of Saving Lives

For Duco, the importance of plasma donation lies in its ability to directly impact and improve the lives of others. He emphasizes the incredible opportunity to save someone's life with a relatively small effort. By donating plasma, individuals have the power to transform the lives of those in need, providing them with a gift of life and hope. 

An Urgent Call to Action

Duco's message to encourage others to donate plasma resonates with a sense of urgency and responsibility. He highlights the ease and minimal time commitment required, urging individuals to consider the significant impact they can make with just one hour per month. Duco emphasizes the ethical obligation to raise awareness about plasma donation, as it is a critical lifeline for patients worldwide. He points out the global shortage of plasma and highlights the consequences if donations decrease. Duco believes that increasing awareness and understanding of the importance of plasma donations is not just an option but a moral obligation to save lives.